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cirque du pantsless

(i wear the pants)

Always Mademoiselle
9 October 1988
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Amber (n.): is fossil tree resin, which is appreciated for its color and beauty. A common misconception is that amber is made of tree sap; it is not. Sap is the fluid that circulates through a plant's vascular system. Amber is heterogeneous in composition, but consists of several resinous bodies more or less soluble in alcohol, ether and chloroform, associated with an insoluble bituminous substance.

<3 Love me, love my girls. <3

(I less than three a lot of old stuff. I also say the word 'coolie' frequently.)

Hello there! You have stumbled upon my page, stranger! If you know where I procured "'y' for him, 'ie' for me" from, or why my title says "cirque du pantsless", we should probably be chums.

Hold on to yer britches, more soon!
1900s - 1950s, 30 rock, 40s hairstyles, adam's rib, adrian, applause, ball of fire, barbara stanwyck, barbra streisand, being a pantsless offspring, big bands, big sunglasses, black&white, blazers, bogie, brahms, bringing up baby, broadway, brooches, brownies, burberry, cardigans, cary grant, classic movies, classical music, claudette colbert, coco, coffee ice cream, cold showers, coldplay, cole porter, couples, david lean, designing women, drawing, europe, film history, film noir, frank sinatra, franz waxman, george bernard shaw, george cukor, george stevens, geriatrics, gillian anderson, gillian anderson's laugh, glenn miller, goddess gowns, gone with the wind, greta garbo, hats, humphrey bogart, ie for me, irene, it happened one night, jeanette macdonald, jimmy stewart, joan crawford, judy garland, jukeboxes, jungle red, kath and spence, katharine hepburn, katharine houghton, katharine houghton hepburn, koalas, lauren bacall, life magazines, love scenes, lux toilet soap, maceddy, metro-goldwyn-mayer, mgm, moonglow, moonlight serenade, mr. pib, mulder and scully, music boxes, musicals, myrna loy, navy boys, nelson eddy, ninotchka, norma shearer, nutcracker sweet tea, old hollywood, old time radio shows, open-toed pumps, pant suits, paulette goddard, pearl necklaces, peter o'toole, philip barry, pin-ups, plays, political incorrectness, pop art, preps, records, red roses, rko, robert schumann, romantic comedies, rosalind russell, sazaracks, scarves, screenplays, scully furbies, shipping, showtunes, silk stockings, sit and be fit, snark, song of love, spencer tracy, stage door canteen, stardust, strongbad, summertime, swing dancing, sydney guilaroff, tap and jazz, tea, teen girl squad, the (original) rat pack, the academy awards, the andrews sisters, the lion in winter, the palm beach story, the philadelphia story, the screening room, the studio system, the thin man series, the winner tina fey, the women, the x-files, theatre, thrift stores, to kill a mockingbird, twop, undercurrent, vests, victory gardens, virginia ham and eggs, virginia weidler, vivien leigh, woman of the year, writing, wwii, y for him